Benromach 100 Proof 10 Year Old

The Benromach 100 proof, is the bigger more robust sibling of the standard 10 year old bottling reviewed here, this is bottled for released at 57% and it’s a great addition to the Benromach line up.


The nose immediately offers up Dundee cake, along with dark chocolate, bitter orange marmalade, polished wood, plum jam and five spice.

Moving onto the palate and it is all big flavours, red fruits, cocoa, dried figs, slightly woody (chewing on a pencil at school) with a black pepper warmth.

On the finish there’s menthol and a real touch of spice.

Wrapping up this review it’s a lovely whisky with a great mouthfeel, the extra ABV over the 10YO really helps coats the mouth and for £44 at time of publishing this offers a lot of whisky for a good price, available here.

Many thanks to Benromach and Steve Rush of The Whisky Wire, this sample was tasted as part of the #BernromachTT.

A pair of Glengoynes.

Today i thought I’d taste a couple of whiskies from Glengoyne distillery, the first will be the 14yo that is exclusive to Marks & Spencer and the second is the 1st batch of the cask strength release from 2012.

Glengoyne 14yo 40% M&S (2)

This whisky is solely matured in Olorosso casks and is uncoloured and has a lovely golden hue.On the nose there is lemon, creme caramel, hints of oak, a pinch of spices, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. It is a very approachable nose which is very open.
On the palate it is soft and buttery and has a great mouthfeel, flame raisins, again some cinnamon and nutmeg, caramac bars and a slight nuttiness.                                         As we head on to the finish there is a slight dryness similar to the skin from walnuts but still with a nice hint of spice and some caramel.
I would happily buy another bottle of this and would happily share a few drams with friends during the course of an evening.

Glengoyne Cask Strength Batch 1 58.7%

So next up is a sample received from Thomas and Ansgar which is from the 2012 release it is still available in a few places but has been replaced by batch 2 which can be found at  Green Welly Stop.This whisky is a blend of first fill and refill sherry casks, un-chillfiltered and natural colour.  On the nose, buttery, cookie dough, malt, lemon zest, a polished wooden floor and a peppery tingle.                                                                                                       The palate is rich and oily and delivers liquorice, orange peel, cloves, coarse ground black pepper, BBQ’d bananas with a splash of rum, soft gooey toffee and a lovely oakiness.                                                                                                                             The finish is drying with lots of spice.                                                                                  Thanks Ansgar and Thomas for the sample, a great whisky at a good price still only £45 if you look in the right places and i think I will keep an eye out for another Glengoyne to add to the shelf soon.