Benromach 100 Proof 10 Year Old

The Benromach 100 proof, is the bigger more robust sibling of the standard 10 year old bottling reviewed here, this is bottled for released at 57% and it’s a great addition to the Benromach line up.


The nose immediately offers up Dundee cake, along with dark chocolate, bitter orange marmalade, polished wood, plum jam and five spice.

Moving onto the palate and it is all big flavours, red fruits, cocoa, dried figs, slightly woody (chewing on a pencil at school) with a black pepper warmth.

On the finish there’s menthol and a real touch of spice.

Wrapping up this review it’s a lovely whisky with a great mouthfeel, the extra ABV over the 10YO really helps coats the mouth and for £44 at time of publishing this offers a lot of whisky for a good price, available here.

Many thanks to Benromach and Steve Rush of The Whisky Wire, this sample was tasted as part of the #BernromachTT.

Benromach 10 Years Old

The Benromach 10 years old is a Speyside whisky comprised of 80% Bourbon barrels and 20% Sherry hogsheads, it then spends it’s final year in first fill Oloroso casks and is bottled at 43%.


So here are my notes, the nose offers up peat (not expecting that), typical sherry fruit notes, butter biscuits, green apples and a caramel/burnt sugar sweetness, cereal, hay and milk chocolate.

The palate offers up sweet dried fruits, dark chocolate & bitter orange marmalade, a touch of spice (fresh ground black pepper), oak and smoke.

Onto the finish, there’s vanilla, peat smoke and that black pepper spice.

This is an extremely good whisky coming in at around the £30 mark and is available here.

Tasted as part of the #BenromachTT on twitter with thanks to Benromach and Steve Rush of The Whisky Wire for the sample.